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Service calls regarding Aurora Illinois raccoon removal are numerous and varied.  Aurora Illinois residents experiencing difficulties with raccoon control and trapping call our office for assistance throughout the year.  Aurora Illinois is a city of varied habitats including inner city habitats, suburban areas and areas associated with rural and farmland habitats.  Raccoon removal, control and trapping can be more difficult than one might think and control techniques vary depending on the areas where control, trapping and removal is desired.  Prairie State Wildlife has serviced customers throughtout Aurora from the far east side, the downtown area, northern areas bordering North Aurora and the far west portion of the city adjacent to Sugar Grove.  Control methods include use of various trapping techniques used to humanely remove raccoons causing damage to property including roofs, soffits, decks, sheds, lawns, four season rooms and ponds. 

Waterways, rivers, streams and ponds abound throughout the city.  Aurora Illinois raccoons often choose to den near these abundant water sources and the staff at Prairie State Wildlife often notice large water sources near our customers homes and businesses.  Along with the excellent water sources for Aurora Illinois raccoons, the varied habitats provide numerous food sources for raccoons.  Aurora Illinois raccoons find food  from dumpsters throughout the downtown Aurora Illinois area, bird feeders and garbage cans in the suburban areas and crops in farmland portions of the city.  Each of these distinct habitats for Aurora Illinois raccoon control trapping and removal require the use of specialized traps and techniques.

The staff at Prairie State Wildlife are always  honing our craft and take pride  in staying updated with the latest in control, trapping and removal techniques for Aurora Illinois raccoon.  We are always available for assistance and advice regarding Aurora Illinois raccoon removal and control.  Please contact us at (630) 687-3414 to have your questions or concerns answered.    




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