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Naperville Illinois, located in portions Dupage and WIll Counties provides numerous calls to Prairie State Wildlife each year for raccoon removal, control and trapping services.  Naperville with its ever growing popularity and population size is also providing for a growing raccoon population.  The village is blessed to be located along the DuPage River, a branch of which runs directly through the downtown area.  The river provides beautiful scenery along the walk for Naperville residents to enjoy on warm sunny spring and summer days.  The river, in addition to providing for scenic walks, also provides for excellent habitat for suburban dwelling raccoons.  Naperville raccoons find numerous food sources along the river including native animals and plants.  In addition to the native food stuffs, there is plenty of refuse and garbage to be found in the downtown Naperville area.  Raccoons find easily accessible meals in the numerous dumpsters throughout the area as people come to enjoy the fine dining and night life in downtown Naperville.  Service calls for raccoon removal, control and trapping services are numerous from this area and Prairie State WIldlife has serviced both residential and commercial customers in the heart of the downtown Naperville area.

Naperville Illinois is also blessed with numerous forest preserves to enjoy hiking, biking and wildlife viewing.  These forest preserves also provide for habitat and denning areas for local Naperville raccoons.  In addition to providing habitat for local raccoons, the forest preserves provide natural areas for citizens from neighboring communities to relocate nuisance raccoons to the Naperville Illinois area.  Nuisance raccoons are relocated on a daily basis to Naperville area forest preserves after being trapped by well intentioned citizens only wanting to solve a raccoon damage problem.  Often times these animals are raiding garbage cans, destroying gardens or seeking refuge in a residential attic for shelter.  Calls for assistance from Naperville Illinois residents for raccoon removal, control and trapping are often associated with areas adjacent to or in close proximity to the numerous forest preserves and wooded parks within the village.  The staff here at Prairie State Wildlife look forward to assisting Naperville Illinois area residents with all of your raccoon removal, control and trapping needs. 



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